Barrett T. Hill                       Tribute Title: Miss you
Hey Shug. You are missed so much yesterday, today, and forever.
Jean Hill
5/10/2017 12:29:13 PM
Douglas J. Noll                       Tribute Title: My Lost Friend and My 6 watcher
I will never forget you Doug...I will never forget that night, seeing you sitting in your patrol car lifeless, knowing there would be nothing I could do even before I got out of the ambulance. It hit me straight in my heart that I couldn't help one of our own. You will never be forgotten by me. Deputy Garrett Demilia, I transported to Hermann Hospital,I told him all the way downtown, over and over that he didn't kill anyone. Know he knew what happened. I was crying with him. I didn't want to leave his side when we got to the hospital, but I had to. Your funeral service Doug was beautiful, but the first anniversary of your death when I was hugged so hard by your friends and family meant so much to me. Again Doug I can see you every time I close my eyes...I struggle every day with this, but I willet through it. PTSD is not easy, but I would't change it to have let someone else be there, it was an honor to attempt to save you and Deputy Garrett Demillia and his ride along. Love always to you and your family, also all you brothers and sisters in blue. Lest we forget.
Dena Powell, LP
Paramedic first on scene
8/18/2016 11:54:24 PM
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